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Homecoming 2015

October 15, 2015


Homecoming through a freshman’s eyes (article by Abby Swanson, video by Jon Quintana)

We warmly welcomed another Homecoming this year! I feel this year’s Homecoming was incredibly fun and full of spirit. From the Pep Rally Monday, to the dance on Saturday, students found themselves in an energetic environment that pumped them up.

Jeanene Henry, a sophomore at Niobrara High School said that, “Homecoming is one of the best weeks out of the school year. The town comes to games, pep rallies, etc., to show their spirit and support. It is a week we all won’t forget.”

Students show their spirit throughout the week by dressing up according to the spirit day’s theme.  Personally, I find this to be the best part of the week. Some people really took their time on the creation of their outfits and should have received an award from the President of the United States. However, he was busy, so we gave them spirit sticks instead.

The days for Homecoming were:

Monday: Pajama Day. Just about everyone dressed up on that day, and most, I think, would say it was their favorite spirit day. In my opinion, Mrs. Motacek won best dressed because she was all dressed up in her “jammies” and rob with curlers hanging out of her hair. I thought she looked great! She looked like she just crawled out of bed.

Tuesday: America Day. Most people came dressed in red, white, and blue. Some came dressed in camouflage, or full blown military uniforms. Cade Kalkowski decided to dress as the flag itself. Kalkowski wore flag shorts, a flag bandana, a flag shirt, and carried around a flag all day long.

Wednesday: Injury Day. Man that was a gruesomely awesome day! The injuries ranged anywhere from a couple of band aids across the cheek, to full-fledged gashes across the face. Some were even clever and hand a “broken” heart. On that day, the school saw more crutches than track season. Adam DeKay went all out with his injuries by riding around in a wheel chair!

Thursday: Retro 80’s Day. Leg warmers and ratted hair came back from the dead. The hairspray smell burned your nostrils and fueled your school spirit. I really enjoyed dressing up on this day. The two best dressed of the day would have to be once again Cade Kalkowski for his Risky Business impersonation and Ashley Guenther for her mile high hair. Talk about dedication!

Friday: Blue, Black, and Silver Day. Like always, we end our Homecoming Week by dressing in our school colors/apparel.  Everyone was anxious and full of energy because of the carnival that was happening in the afternoon, and the football game that was happening later that night. The carnival was great! There was a petting zoo, musical chairs, face paint, and much, much more. We didn’t win the football game that evening, but it was still a great game to watch. The boys fought hard. At halftime, both Niobrara and Verdigre Homecoming candidates came out to center field. Niobrara’s Homecoming king and queen were Cade Kalkowski and Hannah Stark. Congratulations you two!

Like all Homecomings do, the cougars ended the week with the Homecoming dance. The dance was held in Verdigre, and for most this night can be considered a night that was full of music, laughter, romance, and of course, dancing. 

This was another Homecoming for the history books. Junior, Ashley Guenther says that, “Homecoming to me is about being united to show our love for our teams and school by screaming out spirit with funky clothes, pep rallies, and playing what we love all week. It’s it show how creative our minds can be working together to have fun.”

Can’t wait to see what is in store for next year’s Homecoming!

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