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Scholarships and their Deadlines

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September 23, 2017

February 1



1. Applicant must be a graduating senior and a customer of Great Plains Communications and subsidiaries.

2. Applicant must be accepted for admission at a Nebraska state or private college to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree, to a Nebraska one- or two- year trade or technical school, to Northwest Technical Institute of Goodland, Kansas, or Mitchell Technical Institute of Mitchell, South Dakota for the fall term of the year the scholarship is awarded.

3. Applicant must have a very strong desire to return to their hometown (or other Great Plains Communications community) to pursue their career.

4. Applicant must explain career goals.

5. Applicant must complete the required application form and see that all forms are turned in by February 1


February 1  America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders
 Monsanto Fund
   Application at:   ffa.org/scholarships

  Info at:  GrowAgLeaders.com
  • Must be endorsed by 3 farmers by 2/8. Can go on above website, or ffa.org/scholarship or call 877.267.3332
  • Must have a min GPA of 2.5
  • Must be majoring in an ag related program
 Many $1500 
 February 1  Chadron State College

CSC Art Scholarships


  • Must plan to major in fine arts @ CSC
  • Based on artistic talent, not financial need
February 1
Clarkson College Service League Scholarships
  • Must have min GPA of 3.6
  • Must have a min ACT score of 24
  • Must be in the upper 20% of class
  • Must plan to attend Clarkson
  • Feb 1 deadline for summer, March 1 for fall, and October 1st for spring
  • ???'s sfsassist@clarksoncollege.edu
 February 1  ESA Foundation Scholarships
  • Several different scholarships available.
  • $5 app. Fee. Must meet the following:
  • Min. ACT score of 22 and 3.0 GPA Must include essay,
  • 2 rec’s
thru July 1
 Mitchell Technical Institute Freshmen Scholarships

    Follow the directions for incoming freshmen.
  • Need transcript
  • Need reference
 February 1   FCCLA Family and Consumer Science Major Scholarship


      Application: http://www.nebraskafccla.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/FACS-Ed-Scholarship-Fillable.pdf
  • Must be an FCCLA member
  • Must major in FCS

 February 1   FCCLA Non-Family and Consumer Science Major Scholarship


     Application:  http://www.nebraskafccla.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Non-FACS-Ed-Scholarship-Fillable.pdf
  • Must be an FCCLA member
  • Must have a 3.4 GPA
 Varies $200 to $400
 February 1   FCCLA State Peer Officer Team (SPOT) Scholarship


  Application:  http://www.nebraskafccla.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/SPOT-Scholarship-Fillable-1.pdf
  • Requires a grade average of 85%
 1+ $500
February 1  National FFA-America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders


     Need not to be an FFA member to apply
  • Must go to website and create a unigue ID     
  • Must obtain three farmer's endorsements by 2/8
  • Must be majoring in agricultural field of study
February 1  NGSPA Annual Scholarship
 Nebraska Grain Sorghum Producers Association
  • Must be a member of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Producers Assoc.
  • Must show production ag as related area to career
  • Based on short answer essays
  • ???'s  sorghum.board@nebraska.gov  
February 1 
 Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers Scholarships/Northeastern Chapter
  • Must have a 3.5 GPA
  • ACT Math Score of 29 and English 29 minimum
       National scholarships available Sept, Oct, Nov-check those months
 February 1  Sandhills Cattle Association
      Howard Wright Memorial Scholarship

  • Must show commitment to education
  • Leadership
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Interview
  • Long term goals
  • Academic Achievement
  • ???"s   800.658.0551 or sca@sandhillscattle.com/
 February 1 Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation


   Online Application:  http://buffettscholarships.org/college-scholarships
  •      Must be an incoming freshmen
  •      Must be a resident of Nebraska and graduate from a Nebraska High School
  •      Must have a high school GPA of 2.5 or 80% and plan to attend a State 2 yr or 4 yr. college in Nebraska
  •      Have an EFC of $10000 or less (Use the College Funding Estimator to determine this)              
  •      Click here if you would like to complete the College Funding Estimator and to learn more about EF
  •      Need not be Pell eligible
  •      Transcript, essay, SAR and recommendations are all entered and then submitted by 2/1/17 11:59 pm so plan ahead
  •      Parents need to submit their name and address separately
  •      ???'s:   scholarships_app@stbfoundation.org     402.943.1383

  Your application has five parts:

                1) online application forms (including your signed consent)   

                2) essay

               Compose an essay describing your reasons for wanting to attend college
                It is important that your essay addresses all of the questions below throughout the essay.

                  1. What are your goals and how will you reach them?
                  2. Describe some of your strengths and weaknesses. How have you developed/learned from these?
                  3. Describe how you have been a leader and/or were a role model to others in your life (community, school, job,                      etc.).
                  4. How are you involved in giving back to others and/or to your community?
                  5. Tell us about an obstacle or challenge you have faced.
                  6. Tell us about a time you worked hard to achieve something.

             We expect your essay to run about 700-900 words, but you are welcome to write more if need be.

                3) high school transcript
                4)  two recommendations
                      Recommendations must be typed on the link that will be sent to the recommender's email.
                       Your recommenders must submit their recommendations by February 01.
                      You can check the Application Status page at any time to see if your recommenders have submitted their                            recommendations on your behalf.

                Recommenders will be asked to respond to the following:

  • 5. Additional Comments
  • 4. How have you seen this student be active in the community or giving back to others?
  • 3. Discuss the student's motivation, goals, and any challenges they have overcome.
  • 2. Discuss the students' understanding of him/herself and how you have seen this play a role in his/her life.
  • 1. Please speak to the student's work ethic and leadership skills.

                5)  Your Student Aid Report (from completing the FAFSA)

1000 new awards every year for only
Nebraska High School seniors

 Awards are described on the homepage.
Renewed for up to 5 yrs.
Up to $4800/sem at NU
Can cover tuition, fees, books, & housing
February 1
 UNK Davis-Chambers Scholarship
  • Must take the ACT on or before the Dec test with an ACT Composite of 23 or better
  • Must apply for admission to UNK by Feb 1
  • Must rank in the upper 1/3 of the class
  • Full consideration will be given to student who meets 1 of the academic requirements
  • Show involvement in multicultural community
  • Show financial need
 $2000 to $4000 for up to 4 years
February 1
 UNK First Year Theatre Scholarship
   Application available @ counselor's office
  • One page letter stating your interest in theatre, prior theatre experience, and future goals while attending UNK
  • Will be contacted for an audition
 February 1  UNK Multicultural Community Service Scholarships
  • Full Tuition Waiver up to 15 credits per semester, renewable for 8 sem. and 2 summers
  • Must show leaderships in the multicultural community through participations of school and community activities
  • Must complete the app and be admitted to UNK by 3/1
February 1    
 UNK Peter Kiewit Foundation Educators Opportunity Scholarship
    Application here:       
  • Must have  applied to UNK by Feb 1
  • Must be fluent in writing and speaking Spanish
  • Must e a Nebraska resident
  • Must have a valid SSN
  • Must demonstrate financial need by completing a FAFSA
  • Must declare a major in education and plan to teach
  • Must have 2 recommendations
 Up to $10,000
February 1   University of Nebraska at Omaha
 UNO Chancellor's Scholarship

  • Minimum ACT score of 28
  • Must rank in the upper 25% of the high school class
  • Or have a cumulative GPA of  3.5 or higher
  • Only application for admission is necessary
 February 1  University of Nebraska at Omaha
 UNO Departmental Scholarships

       Selection is based on the application process done by February 1
February 1   
 UNO Incoming Student Merit Scholarship 
  • Regent's Scholarship
  • Chancellor's Scholarship
  • Deans Scholarship
  • UNO Advantage Scholarship Program
  • Maverick Advantage Scholarship
  • Various general scholarships awarded by the Office of Financial Support and Scholarships
February 1    
 UNO Nebraska Alumni Scholarship
  • Must have a min ACT score of 24
  • Must be top 33% of the class
  • Must apply for admission.  See UNO Incoming Freshmen Scholarship description
  • Must be children of UNO Alumni
  • ???'s:  jphillips@mail.unomaha.edu     402.554.2327
February 1     
 UNO Davis/Chambers Multicultural Affairs Scholarships
  • Must show a diverse background
  • Must demonstrate trouble meeting financial requirements of college education
February 1

Due:  2/28

Incorrect yr on form
 Youth Foundation Scholarship/Hadden Scholarship

  • Min. GPA of 3.5
  • Community Service and extracurricular activities expected
 $2,500 to $5000 renewable
 February 2   Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers


  • GPA and SAT/ACT scores
  • Recommendations from 2 teachers
  • Essay on career plans
  • Financial need
  • Min ACT score is 54 (Math 29/English 25) Neither score is a min requirement, but total needs be 54

  1-$1500 Statewide

  1-$1000 from NE NE
February 3  Elks Foundation Legacy Awards
 February 3 & 17  Dakota Wesleyan University Scholarships Interview Days
  •    Award can change if ACT score is raised by March 1
  •   Must apply to DWU and complete the interview registiation
February 6  Cabela's Women in Leadership Scholarship
     Application: http://www.thehugefoundation.org/pdf/cabela's_scholarship_application.pdf?v=2017
  • Must be female
  • 2 scholarships will be awarded to students who are Pell Eligible
  • Must show leadership, work experience, and extracurricular activities
        ???'s   Dr. Jack Siemsen, jack.siemsen@thehugefoundation.org   402.580.3419
$10000 + 
educational & career mentoring
 February 7   RMEL Foundation
  • Selection based on goals and aspirations in the electric energy industry in engineering, business, information systems, plant, line, or distribution technology
  • Motivation to succeed
  • Service to school and community
  • Academic ability
  • ???'s 303.865.5544   natalieandersen@rmel.org
 Range from $1000 to $3000

 Additional Foundation Named 
 February 10   AgriSolutions and Croplan Genetics Brands Careers in Agriculture Scholarship  (Winfield)


         The Careers in Agriculture Scholarship Program is available to high school graduating seniors and               first or second year college students pursuing two- or four-year degrees in agronomy, crop                          production, or closely related fields. 

        To qualify for the program, a student must:
        •    Be a high school senior, graduating in spring of 2017; or
        •    Be a college freshman or sophomore;
        •    Demonstrate leadership abilities and academic performance;
        •    Complete an application including two reference letters and official transcript; and
        •    Write essays describing the importance of farmer cooperatives, and why he or she is interested in               an agricultural career.

 February 10   Nebraska Wind Symphony Memorial Scholarship
    Application:  http://nebraskawindsymphony.com/scholarship
February 10,11  UNK Music Scholarship Auditions

  • Application is due 2 weeks before audition    
  • Set up appointment
  • Other dates include 1/27, 2/10, 2/11, 3/3 and Vertual Audition thru Acceptd.com    
February 10
 WSC Music Scholarship Audition
        Alternative day is April 7
Must be postmarked on before February 15  to NNTC

Postmark deadline is 2.28 
for Three River 
 Foundation for Rural Service
 Sponsored by Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company and Three River Telco
  •  Must get service from NNTC
  • Must submit transcripts
  • Include a 300 word essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Sponsor signature from NNTC 
  • Mail app to NNTC, 110 East Elk Street, PO Box 66, Jackson, NE   68743
  • ???'s:  foundation@frs.org    703.351.2026
 February 15   Red Angus Association of America: Farm and Ranch Connection Scholarship

Junior Red angus Scholarship

Lorenzen Scholarship

Sonstegard Scholarship


  • App, transcript, references, photograph
  • Must be a junior member of the Red Angus Association
  • ???'s betty@redangus.org 940.387.3502
 February 15  Nebraska Elks McQuillan Marauders Scholarship

      Website:  http://www.nebraskaelks.org

  • Applicants must be related to a Lodge Officer
  • Based on leadership, school activities, and community service
  • ???'s 308.858.4827    rgwalter@gpcom.net
February 16

Nebraska Press Association Foundation, Inc.

It is proposed to award $2000 scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year to qualified graduates of Nebraska high schools enrolled or planning to enroll in post-secondary educational programs in Nebraska based colleges and universities leading to careers in print journalism. 

Journalism Scholarship Application.pdf

 February 21  Nebraska Officials Foundation
 Bill Lewis Scholarship

  • Must be a senior
  • Be a resident of Nebraska
  • Have a parent employed by NSAA as a registered official
Application available at stadium_sports@hotmail.com or at www.educationquest.org
      Nebraska Officials Foundation
      PO Box 243
      Spencer, NE    68777
 February 15  UNL Freshman Animal Science Scholarships
        Click on "propective students"
 February 15    UNO Phi Delta Kappa Legacy Scholarship
     App at:   UNO Phi Delta Kappa Legacy Scholarship
  • Must plan to become an educator
  • Parent must be an active member of PDK
 February 17      Nebraska Press Association Scholarship-For High School Students
 Nebraska Press Association Foundation

     http://www.nebpress.com     Click on  "NPA NEWS"
     Application:  http://www.nebpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/2016-17_NPAScholarshipApp_HighSchool.pdf
  • Must have a specific interest in news, editorial, photography, circulation, production, or advertising in a weekly or daily newspaper
  • Based on scholastic ability and good citizenship in school and community
  • ???'s   nebpress@nebpress.com
 February 21  Nebraska Officials Foundation
 Bill Lewis Scholarship

       Application:  2017 Bill Lewis Scholarship App

  • Must be a senior
  • Be a resident of Nebraska
  • Have a parent employed by NSAA as a registered official
Application available at stadium_sports@hotmail.com or at www.educationquest.org
      Nebraska Officials Foundation
      PO Box 243
      Spencer, NE    68777
February 22 
 Southeast Community College
 SCC Scholarships
          Click "Apply Now for Scholarships"
  • Transcript sent be sent to the particular SCC Campus by March 1
  • ???'s   402.437.2610 or 800.933.7223 ext 2610 or financialaid@southeast.edu
 February 24   Sowers Club of Nebraska Scholarship for High School Students

  • Criteria: Must be a full-time student attending an institution of higher learning located in the State of Nebraska.

    1. Must be a Resident of Nebraska.
    2. Must be a U.S. Citizen.
    3. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent.
    4. Must include High School Transcript
    5. Must attend a College in Nebraska.
    6. Must include a brief essay on your Career Plans.
    7. Please include a list of Extra-Curricular Activities (high school, community, other)
    8. Please include a list of Awards and Acknowledgements in which you have received.
    9. Recipients are required to attend a disbursement function to be recognized.
    10. Must include three to five Letters of Recommendation.
    11. Handwritten documents will not be accepted
February 27   Goodrich Scholarship Program
  • Must plan to attend UNO
  • Based on both merit and financial need 
  • Includes a specialized two-year writing-intensive humanities and social science core curriculum that emphasizes cultural and intellectual diversity within our local and global communities
+ general fees
 February 28

for Three River Telco 
  Foundation for Rural Service
  Sponsored by Three River Telco
                              This application has been signed by Neil.  So it is sent directly to FRS, address on app
  •  Must get service from Three River Telco
  • Must submit transcripts
  • Include a 300 word essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Sponsor signature from Three River
  • ???'s:  foundation@frs.org    703.351.2026
February 28
 Nebraska Roping Horse Association
 Nebraska Roping Horse Scholarship
        Click on "NE Roping Horse Association"
  • Must be in the top 25% of the class
  • Be a 4-H member and cite involvement in agriculture
  • Discuss future plans
  • Show community service
  • ???'s:  lklemon@q.com     402.332.2834
 February 28  UNK Buckle Excellence Scholarship
      Application at:  http://www.unk.edu/academics/csit/_files/documents/pdf/unkbucklescholarshipapplication.pdf
  • Must be an incoming major who has applied to UNK to major in Computer Science & Information Systems (CSIS)
  • Must be in the top 20% of their senior class
  • Must have an ACT Composite score of 26 with at least a 24 in Math
 February 28  UNK Music Scholarship Audition Date

  • Application is due 2 weeks before audition    
  • Set up appointment
  • Other date left:  3/6    
 February 28      Willa Cather Foundation
    Antonette Willa Skupa Turner Scholarship

  • Must major in English or History
  • 1500 word essay with application and transcript, letter of recommendation
  • ???'s infowillacather.org
 February 28
  Youth Foundation Scholarship/Hadden Scholarship

Application at:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlpewx7rjcqn7rv/application_form_2017.docx?dl=0

  • Min. GPA of 3.5
  • Community Service and extracurricular activities are expected
  • App is available in January
  • Need transcript, test scores, financial need analysis, essay, and references
  • ???'s   Johanna Lee, Executive Administrator, Youth Foundation, Inc, 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1206, New York, NY   10017
  • Phone:  212.840.6291   Fax:  212.840.6747
  • Email:  YouthFdn@aol.com
  $2,500 to $4000 renewable
102 awards last year


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