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Scholarships and their Deadlines

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September 23, 2017

 April 1  Alpha Gamma Sigma
  • Must attend UNL, male and interested in the Greek System to apply
  • Application available at office
 April 1  Animal Science Feedlot Management Scholarship
      UNL Depeartment of Animal Science

  •      Must plan to attend UNL and major in an ag-related program
  •      Must be anticipating a career in feedlot management and intending to complete the feedlot internship program
 April 1   Big Game Conservation Association
     Application available in counselor's files

     Application:  2017 Big Game Scholarship
  • For pursuing a degree in areas of  Fisheries & Wildlife
  • Must demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership ability, and dedication to wildlife conservation 
April 1   Central Community College-Davis/Chambers Scholarship
  • Part of a racial minority group, show financial need, show academic talent,
  • Plan to transfer to a 4 year NE college after CCC. 
April 1 College Success Scholarship
- Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident
- Must be enrolled (or accepted) in an accredited college or university
- Graduating High School Senior.
http://study.com/blog/college-success-scholarship-by-study-com.html[[http://study.com/blog/college-success-scholarship-by-study-com.html|College Success Scholarship Link]]
 April 1  Daisey Shooting Sports 4-H Scholarship


April 1 Davis Chambers Community College Scholarship 
- Must plan to attend or currently attending a Nebraska Community College
- Knowledge or experience living or working in a diverse community or organization
- Show financial need
- Contact Mrs. Pritchett for a copy of the scholarship application
 April 1  Dr. Alan C. Brewster Medical Scholarship Fund
    Application available in counselor's files

      Alan Brewster App Pg 1
      Alan Brewster Pg 2 App
       Alan Brewster App Info
  • Must be enrolled in a medical preparatory program.and must be already graduated from high school
  • Must show desire to return.to area 
  • Contact Janet @ the bank @ Stuart, NE
April 1

High Plains Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association

    Jim Johnson Scholarship 

308.532.4936 ext 766 or John.Stroppkotte@noaa.gov

  • For a high school senior pursuing a major in a physical science 
  • Need to include a one-page essay on how this degree will contribute to their discipline.
  • ???'s  John.Stroppkotte@noaa.gov   308.532.4936
April 1     

Lincoln Builders Bureau Scholarship Program


  • Applicant must be an employee or a dependent of an employee of a Lincoln Builders Bureau member company
  • Must be enrolled in a university or trade school with a focus on construction science
  • For company eligibility go to www.buildersbureau.com   Click on "Scholarships" and "Member Search" to verify
  • Based on academic performance, work experience, community involvement, and career goals
  • Application available in counselor's files
  • ???'s    402.421.8332 
April 1 M. Kenneth Drobney Memorial Scholarship
- Must be from Antelope, Holt, or Knox County
- Preference given to a law enforcement-related field of study
- Contact Mrs Pritchett for a copy of the scholarship application
 April 1 Natural Resources Conservation Service partnering with UNL/CASNR Conservation Scholarship


  • Must be enrolled in the College of Ag Sci and Natural Resources
  • With an interest in Soil Conservationist, Soil Scientist, Rangeland Management Specialist, Civil/Ag Engineer
  • Includes potential employment for 2 summers 
  • ???'s  pat.mcgrane@ne.usda.gov  402. 437.5328 or 402.437.5327
 April 1

Nebraska Agri-Women

Nebraska Agri-Women Scholarship

  Counselor's files and www.educationquest.org

  • Min. GPA of 2.0
  • Must attend a college in Nebraska
  • Must major in ag or vocational/technical related major
  • App and essay
 Received by:
 April 1
Nebraska Association For the Gifted
   Graduating Senior Scholarship

   Must choose 1 of the following 3 options below, referencing Leta Hollingworth, educator of the gifted (100 yrs ago).
  • Describe an outstanding educator in your like and how he/she had an impact on you.
  • Explain how you, as a student, benefited from participating in gifted education classes, or advanced classes for high ability learners at school
  • Draw a picture/create a piece of 2-D art with a caption/explanation included in #1 or #2
  • Include resume and a copy of your high school transcript
  • Submit to the same address below
  • 2 recommendations from school, community,or church. Ask them to mail directly to NAG, 2623 N. 145 Ave., Omaha, NE    68116 or negifted@gmail.com
 April 1  Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs
Chief Standing Bear Scholarship

  • Must be an American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Must be a resident of Nebraska
  • Must prove tribal affiliation
  • Must write a 500 to 600 word essay
  • ???'s  scott.w.shafer@nebraska.gov   402.471.3475
April 1
 Nebraska Quarter Horse Association
  •     Essay and membership required
April 1  Northeast Community College McIntosh Minority Scholarship Endowment Davis/Chambers Scholarship
  • Must be a minority or have a diverse cultural background, academically talented, active in school & community, have financial need and plan to transfer to a 4 yr school.
     App is available in counselor's office 
 April 1  Pink Bandana Beat Breast Cancer Scholarship

     2017 Pink Bandana App

   2017 Pink Bandana Cover Letter
  • Must be a senior at a Nebraska High School who is planning to enroll in a 2 or 4 yr college the following year
  • Must have battled breast cancer or have a parent or guardian who has battled breast cancer within the last 10 years.
  • ???     scholarship@pinkbandana.org   
 1-$1000 to $2000
 April 1  Southeast Community College
   SCC Davis/Chambers Scholarship
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a member of a minority group
  • Must be active in school & community
  • Must plan to transfer to a 4 yr Nebraska college
Must be received by April 1 Three River Telco Area Scholarship 

  • Must get telephone service from Three River Telco-Lynch
  • Complete application and 200 word essay
  • Judged on scholastic achievement, creativity, originality in presentation, community involvement, activities, need, future goals, & continuing their education
  • Transcript and letter of recommendation 
  • ???'s 866.569.2666        
 April 1  University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dept of Animal Science
   The Animal Science Feedlot Management Scholarship

  • Must plan to attend UNL and major in general ag
  • Must be planning a career in feedlot management and intend to complete the feedlot internship program 
  • ???'s Animal-Science2@unl.edu
Must be received by April 1  Weller Foundation
  Counselor's files
  • Must provide financial info on form
  • Use the most current tax form.  2016 is preferred, but 2015 would be accetped
  • Personal and land values are requested.  Schedule F, and tax valuations are helpful  (this information does not lower your chances of receiving the scholarship
  • For specific 2 yr colleges or nursing majors at designated schools. Must be typed or very printed very neatly..
  • App is available in counselor's office 
  • If you miss the deadline, you can apply before 11/1 and get grant for 2nd sem
April 2`

 Central Platte Natural Resource District

Jami Harper Nebraska Children's Groundwater Festival Scholarship


  • Must be an ag-related major
  • Preference is given to interest in a water resource related field
  • ???'s 800.577.3955
April 2`

 Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc -Alpha Gamma Chapter

Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Scholoarship


  • Must be female
  • Min GPA of 3.0
  • ttend UNL
  • Includes 2 essays and personal statement, along with app
 April 2

Nebraska Seed Trade Association Freshmen Scholarship @ UNL


  • Must have a strong interest in the seed industry, crop production, seed technology
  • Must major in a degree program in the Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture @ UNL
  • Must write essay and include transcript, resume, and class rank
April 2 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture

  Agronomy & Horticulture Scholarship for Freshmen


  •   Must plan to attend UNL and major in an ag major or biology
  •   ???'s astreich2@unl.edu   402.472.1444  402.471.8652
April 4

American Indian Education Fund
- Must be Native American, Alaska native, or Native Hawaiian (student or one parent enrolled)
- Both Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships available

2017-2018 Graduate Scholarship Application-fillable.pdf 

2017-18 AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Application-fillable (003).pdf

 April 6  UNK Opportunity Fund
  • Full waiver of tuition and is renewable.
  • Must be a NE graduate from a Class C or D school and must not be receiving any merit academic scholarships from UNK.
  • Must show financial need.
  • Counselor must forward name, SSN, and permanent home address by this date to sommersm@unk.edu 
 April 7  ARTBA Scholarship Program

  • Provides financial assistance for students whose parents have been killed or permanently disabled in a construction work zone
  • Applicants must be children by a transportation construction firm or transportation public agency
  • ???'s 202.289.4434, ext 304
April 7   Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation Scholarship

App form available at counselor's office or http://apps.educationquest.org/pdfs/SQjohnny_baxter_carriage_house.pdf

  • Must major in an automotive related study at a Nebraska Community College
  • Must have a rec from teacher and transcript
  • Include a cover letter declaring interest in the field
  • Must have an interview and reference letter from a new car dealer
  • ???'s 402.475.1079
 April 7  WSC Music Scholarship Audition
 April 10  Heartland Pride
    Heartland Pride Scholarship
Numbers vary
 April 10      Nebraskans for Peace
NFP Scholarships


   Recipients will be students who wish to further their education in an area consistent with the mission of Nebraskans for Peace:  peace with justice through community building,
   education, and political action.
  • Application should go in the body of an email (not an attachment)
  • Must include the student's full name, address, and congressional district
  • Also include the name of the anticipated college planning to attend
  • Also include the name of the high school that will graduate from
  • Essay of 750 to 1000 words
  • Topic is one of the Nebraskans for Peace priorities (www.nebraskaforpeace.org)
  • Describe the issue using an alternative non-violent or restorative justice technique
  • Specify the procedures people would follow to implement your approach
  • Identify obstacles to using your alternative approach
  • Evaluate how realistic your approach is
  • Use the Six+1 traits of writing
  • Include a digital photo of applicant
  • Give permission to reprint the essay
  • Give contact information of area newspaper, including email address
  • Give information for high school counselor, including email address
  • ???'s   NFPscholarships@gmail.com
 April 10  Mitchell Equipment Scholarship
     App available in counselor's file
  • Must be enrolled in an ag related field in state or out of state
  • Must reside in Boyd, Holt, Antelope, Brown, Garfield, Know, Loup, Rock, Wheeler or Keya Paha Counties
  • Must include the letter of recommendation included in the form
  • Based on student's interest in agriculture and interest in returning to the north central region
  • Show good citizenship and service to the community
  • ???'s  boydm@mitchellequip.com or bobs@mitchellequip.com
  • Return to Boyd Mitchell or Bob Shald @ Mitchell Equipment, PO Box 369, Atkinson, NE   68713
  • May be emailed
 April 11  Frederick Will Cronk Memorial Scholarship
  • Must be a resident of Holt County with short autobiography App available in counselor's file 
 April 11  Helen Berg/Delores Van Hove Memorial Scholarship

  Download Berg/Van Hove App here
  •   This scholarship is open to those students who have declared an education major and are in good standing.
  •   GPA and courses taken will be considered.  
  •   Wayne State College will be given special consideration
April 13 
 Spencer Community Foundation Scholarship

 A parent(s) or guardian of the applicant must be a graduate of Spencer High or Spencer-Naper High  Schools, or parents  who have resided/opted within the said school districts for a minimum of 10 years

 Word Application:  Download 2017 Spencer Found. App here

  PDF Application:    Download PDF Spencer Found App here

  Download Award letter & instructions here


 April 13   Cenex/Rosebud Farmers Union Coop-Fairfax
 Application at:
     Download Cenex App here

     Complete and return to counselor.  It will be emailed to the Gregory Public School Counselor
  • Must do business with Cenex/Rosebud Farmers Union
  • 1 letters of recommendation in addition to the app
 to 1 student
 at West Boyd
 April 13   West Boyd FBLA Scholarship

Download App here: FBLA Scholarship on Word
                                    FBLA Scholarships on PDF
 April 14  Nebraska Coaches Association
Nebraska Coaches Association-Country Inn & Suites Scholarships

 NE Coaches Assoc. pdf app

 NCA-Lincoln Country Inn & Suites Scholarship Award Program Application (.doc)
  • Scholarship Criteria:

    1) Upper 25% of class –OR-3.75 Cumulative GPA

    2) Must be at least a 2 year participant in 2 sports

    3) Must have earned varsity letter in 2 sports

    4) Must include at least one letter of recommendation from a high school coach

    5) ACT minimum score of 24

  • ???'s   402.434.5675

April 14  Spencer Alumni Scholarship

 Parent or guardian must be a graduate of Spencer, Spencer-Naper, or West Boyd High School.

 Download application here:Spencer Alumni Scholarship

Spencer Alumni Guidelines


 April 15

All Points Scholars Nebraska College of Ag  and the All Points Coop Program

  • Rewards students a tuition scholarship at the end of first year as long as they maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Paid work experience is provided by the All Points Coop, up to $20,000/yr.
  • Must be accepted to NCTA and fill out the All Points Scholarship form, 
 April 15  College Jump Start
College Jump Start Spring Scholarship


  • Open to anyone Grades 10 thru college
  • Must be committed to using education to better your life, your family's or your community
  • Write an essay on What is your goals and how will this scholarship help you attain them
April 15
Donate for Life 

  • Must be applied and accepted into a college
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5
  • Must write a persuasive essay that will inspire & motivate the audience
  • Must include a "call to action" to sign up as a donor.
 1- $1000
 April 15  High Plains Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association
        Application:  Jim Johnson Scholarship

        Must major in some type of physical Science
 April 15  Kid's Chance of Nebraska
    Kid's Chance of Nebraska Scholarship

    Information and Application:  http://www.kidschanceofne.org/scholarship-application/

  • Must be a Nebraska resident
  • Must meet criteria for Parent work injury/work fatality
  • Copy of a completed FAFSA app
  • ???'s Dpoppert@nebraskamed.com

Sandhills Education Assoc.

Contact School Counselor

  • Must have attended a rural school district in Holt
  • Major in education 
 April 15  Nebraska Agri Women
     Application: 2017 NE Agri-Women Scholarship
  • Must be used at a Nebraska College or Trade School only   
  • Will receive the scholarship after the 1st semester with at least a "C" Average
  • ???'s Mary Ann Jansen   mjansen70@yahoo.com   402.332.4827
 April 15  Nebraska Archaeological Society Scholarship
    Nebraska Archaeological Society 
April 15

NE Conservation Officers’ Assoc.

Rick Seward, Rt 3 Box 119, Ord, Ne 68862

  • Must provide FAFSA info, Tax Return, transcript
  • 2 letters of reference, a handwritten explanation
  • 2.5 GPA in high school
  • Essay: Why I want to be a Conservation Officer from a Ne High school
 April 15

NE Cooperative Council Education Foundation


  •  May complete the app in hand or in Microsoft Word
  • Parents must be an active member of a coop for 3 yrs./ Good standing for 5 yrs.
  • Must attend UNL, NCTA, or CSC in ag-related major 
  • Contact Council at 402/475-6555
 April 15  Thermal Services Scholarship
Application available in counselor's files

   Must complete application along with a 500 word essay
   Must be going into a building trade like carpentry, electrical, HVAV, plumbing
 April 15  TransCanada Students Scholarships


     3 Types of Scholarships offered

     Community Leader Scholarships
  •      100 Scholarships for students who show a strong commitment through volunteer work, community participation, leadership, or other activities
     Indigenous Scholarship
  •       For Native Americans
      Trades Scholarships
  •      Must be enrolled in a technical energy industry
 April 15 West Holt Medical Services Foundation Scholarship
  • Students of any age 
  • May apply if enrolled or accepted into enrollment in a school or program of study that leads to a degree or certificate in the medical or allied health field
  • To encourage students to return to West Holt Medical Services upon completion
  • ???'s   402.925.1956 
April 17 James M. Cox Foundation
- Must be a 2017 graduate
- Awarded based on financial need therefore the FAFSA must be completed.
- Contact Mrs. Pritchett for a copy of the scholarship application
 April 18  Angel, Inc. Scholarship

 Based on essay on Entrepreneurship

   2017 Angel's Scholarship Application


 April 18  Central Community College

CCC Summer Scholarship

Application available in counselor's file or by calling admissions

  •      Must supply test scores and plan on taking summer classes
 Up to $150
April 21  Spencer-Naper Athletic Booster Club Scholarship

 Download application

 April 21
 St. Mary's Altar Society Scholarship
  Application at: 2017 St Mary's Altar Society Scholarship

  2017 St. Mary's Altar Society Scholarship PDF
 $75-1st  sem
 April 25  Louis & Mildred Klasna Memorial Scholarship

 Download application

 April 25   Wild Turkey Days Scholarship

 Download application

 April 26    Genevee Martinson Memorial Scholarship
Open to any West Boyd High School Senior
 Download Genevee Martinson App here
 1- $500
 April 26  Tom and Pat Drueke Families Scholarship

 Any WB High School senior may apply
 Download Drueke Scholarship here

 Download example of Cover Letter here
 $250 given 
 in fall, 
 $250 given
  in January
 April 28  Phi Gamma Delta at UNK
    White Owl Scholarship

    Application available here:White Owl Scholarship Application
  • Application available in Counselor's files, attached with a resume and essay
  • High School senior male with leadership, community involvement, and academic performance
  • Not obligated to join fraternity
  • ???'s hansen@lopers.unk.edu   308.224.5920  
  • Mail to Logan Hansen, 1700 University Drive, 202B, Kearney,NE   68845
April 28 

Delta Tau Delta-Beta Tau Chapter

Application available on www.educationquest.org

  • UNL male
April 30     

 Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska

Hanna Memorial Scholarship

2017 Independent Cattlemen Scholarship (Word)


  • May major and attend any school of choice
  • Must maintain 2.5 GPA
  • AMust be involved in extra-curricular activities
  • ???'s independentcattlemen@ yahoo.com
April 30  

 Sigma Phi Epsilon-Nebraska Gamma Chapter

  Balanced Man Scholarship

  • Male and attending UNK
  • ???'s 402.310.6778
April 30 

Sigma Phi Epilson-Nebraska Beta Chapter

  Balanced Man Scholarship-UNO


  • Must show academic excellence, leadership, and coomitment to health and well-being
  • ???'s cdewispelare@unomaha.edu   402.367.8640
April 30  Collegiate Partnership Scholarship Application

questions at stjaden@vulcraft-ne.com

  • Must declare a Civil Engineering and/or Metallurgy major
  • Nucor Foundation
  • Application available in counselor's office. 
  • Must include ACT score, class rank, and 2 letters of recommendations 


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