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Elementary Students

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4th Grade Writing Samples

November 07, 2017

The 4th grade were given a figurative writing assignment. They were asked to write a description of springtime in the place they live. They were to tell about the things they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. They also needed to tell how these things changed since winter.  Here are a few of the writings from the class.



Magnificent Niobrara

What does your town look like in spring? Niobrara looks like it just hatched from an egg, and the fields are getting plowed. You can hear the birds chirp, and you can smell wonderful flowers. You can taste watermelon from Farnik's Grocery Store and it tastes divine. In winter, one thing that changes is the snow falling and sounds as crunchy as a chip. It's as cold as an ice cube! This is what Niobrara looks like in spring and winter.

By: Amaryah Block




Spring and Winter Time in Niobrara

What does your town look like in spring time and winter time? In my town, Niobrara, springtime is warm and nice. I hear birds chirping in the morning and I smell the fresh cut grass. Niobrara looks beautiful and has so many warm colors. In the winter, the leaves fall, gray clouds come in, and it's super cold. The snow is as white as paper and you can vividly see the white snow fall like a blanket. The snow crunches like paper crumbling. That is what my town looks like in the spring and winter.

By: Taylen Stark








My Marvelous Town

What does it look like in spring where you live? I live in Niobrara. Niobrara looks like it just hatched in spring time. Niobrara has glorious buds of flowers in many colors. In the fall and winter, it's gray and the beautiful leaves fell off the trees. The snow looks as white as marshmallows and the snow is as crunchy as crackers. This is my amazing town.

By Kady Koehn






Weather in Nebraska

How is your town different in spring then winter? In sprmg, I hear birds chirping. It sounds like music to my ears. The leaves crunch like a person crumbling paper. It rains a lot in spring. In winter, the snow is as white and puffy as clouds, It feels like an ice berg outside! It tastes like just got done eating an Ice Breaker. These are my differences between spring and winter in my town.

 By Miley Pike

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